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“If we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed and tolerance with them.”

Karl Popper


The Song of Suburbia (2002/2007)

Includes 150 essays originally broadcast on National Public Radio Stations WSHU & WSUF in Long Island and Connecticut. 316 pages, soft cover.

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The Song Of Suburbia

Writer at Work: Reflections on the Art and Business of Writing

The book about writing that somebody had to write. It’s not a celebrity memoir, but a report from the front lines by a working writer with a lifetime of experience in everything from literary fiction to newspaper reporting. Writer at Work is a book of provocative opinions and unexpected diversions. It combines practical advice with entertaining stories, and lively reflections on the writing life.


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Writer At Work

A Few Well Chosen Words

A Few Well Chosen Words is the third collection of David Bouchier’s entertaining, enlightening, and sometimes exasperated weekly commentaries on his life in America, originally broadcast on public radio stations WSHU and WSUF during Morning Edition. Every week for the past twelve years Bouchier has plucked a topic from the chaos of everyday life and subjected it to his special brand of ironic scrutiny. Nothing is too small or too vast to attract his attention: stuffed bears, NASCAR racing, reincarnation, the federal tax system, and shopping in Florida all find a place in this spirited and very funny  collection of observations and opinions.”

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A Few Well Chosen Words