David Bouchier was born in London just too late to join the Second World War. He worked initially as a journalist and bookseller in London, and a tour guide in Greece and Turkey. Rather late in life he received a PhD from the London School of Economics and spent two decades teaching at one of Britain’s new universities.

Apart from teaching he has pursued a lifetime interest in writing. His commentaries and opinion columns have appeared in dozens of newspapers, and he has contributed fiction and non-fiction to literary and political magazines. His humor column “Out of Order” appeared in the regional Sunday edition of The New York Times for ten years, and his essays have been running since 1992 on WSHU Public Radio, and can be heard every Monday during Morning Edition. He is also host of the podcast “A Few Well-Chosen Words,” and teaches a classical music workshop in the Stony Brook University extension program.

His most recent books are the essay collections Dark Matters and Out of Order, and two memoirs, An Unexpected Life, and Journal of the Eightieth Year. He lives on Long Island with his wife who is a professor emeritus at Stony Brook University.