Quote of The Week

“The consolation of imaginary things is not an imaginary consolation.”

Roger Scruton



Our spring semester OLLI music workshop is now running on Zoom on Wednesdays at 12:00, for registered members only. More details are on the ‘Music’ page. For registration and details see OLLI WEBSITE

The election is settled, but the annoying virus is still very much with us. One way and another there’s not much to laugh at, but we’ll try to squeeze a little entertainment out of the human comedy in the coming winter months.


Topics of the Week

The Featured Essay: Cold celebrates the determination and courage of everyone who insists on living in the freezing zone.

Writing Life: The Curse of the Autodidact admits and defends a certain weakness for acquiring knowledge at secondhand.

Rediscoveries has a new entry – a remarkably perceptive book from 1991 called The True and Only Heaven by Christopher Lasch. Three other recent entries are – Robert H. Thouless, a voice of sanity from half a century ago, Neil Postman – a highly original American social critic, and Eric Hoffer a critic of an earlier age who helps to explain the political catastrophe we may be facing in 2021.

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