Quote of The Week

"Power worship blurs political judgement. Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible."

George Orwell



A burst of writing activity this past summer produced two new books.

Not Quite a Stranger: Essays on Life in France is a collection of more or less humorous pieces recording my many visits to that beautiful and baffling country over a period of fifty years.

Lucky Man is a sort of non-memoir that replaced the memoir I had originally intending to write. The conventional “story of my life” turned out to be very dull when I set it down on paper. But other writings – mostly essays and miscellaneous non-fiction – have been accumulating like Radon gas in the basement for many decades. These I have arranged into thematic sections on learning, teaching, working, travelling and so on, in a kind of biographical tapas that the reading can dip into at any point, according to taste.

More details at Amazon.com and on the Books and Audio page of this site.

Topics of the Week

Writing Life: “Paper Memories” offers another excerpt from my newly published non-memoir, “Lucky Man.”

The Featured Essay: “A Comforting Nostalgia” tells how DB unearthed one of his ancient college papers, and learned something from it.


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