Quote of The Week

"Whatever is funny is subversive. Every joke is ultimately a custard pie."

George Orwell



In the age of tweets, twitters and texts a web page featuring complete sentences is obviously on a par with the manual typewriter and the quill pen. This is very old fashioned stuff indeed, and I have reached an age where I need make no apology for it. If you enjoy these essays and random observations please let me know. If there is nothing but a great silence out there in cyberspace I will have to assume that you are stunned with admiration.

For the next few weeks or months the pieces I will post here will be chapters from a book in progress called The Impossibility of Memoir. Here are two more.

Topics of the Week

Writing Life: “On Reading in Order to Write” argues that too many people who never read want to write.

The Featured Essay: “A Special Valentine” is a seasonal diatribe against Valentine’s Day cards..

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