Quote of The Week

“I guess a man is the only kind of varmint. that sets his own trap, baits it, and then steps in it”

John Steinbeck



Our OLLI classical music workshop for the Fall semester has now finished. A new workshop will be scheduled for the spring semester.

The election is over, but by no means finished. The annoying virus is still very much with us. One way and another there’s not much to laugh at, but we’ll try to squeeze a little entertainment out of the human comedy in the coming winter months. This week I’ll get back to the themes we can all enjoy – travel, holidays, outdoor pleasures. and escape.


Topics of the Week

The Featured Essay: Modestine Forbids describes an unusual historical tourist experience in the Cevennes mountains.

Writing Life: Writer in Love explains why this particular emotional state is death to creativity.

Rediscoveries has three recent entries – Robert H. Thouless, a voice of sanity from half a century ago, Neil Postman – a highly original American social critic, and Eric Hoffer a critic of an earlier age who helps to explain the political catastrophe we are facing in 2020.

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