Quote of The Week

"Half our lives is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save."

Will Rogers



In the age of tweets, twitters and texts a web page featuring complete sentences is obviously on a par with the manual typewriter and the quill pen. This is very old fashioned stuff indeed, and I have reached an age where I need make no apology for it. If you enjoy these essays and random observations please let me know. If there is nothing but a great silence out there in cyberspace I will have to assume that you are stunned with admiration.

For the next few weeks or months the pieces I will post here will be chapters from a book in progress called The Impossibility of Memoir. Here are two more.

Topics of the Week

Writing Life: “The Perpetual Novel” argues that every writer should have at least one unfinished novel, although not for publication.

The Featured Essay: “Reincarnation for Dummies” reviews the spiritual and practical advantages (and disadvantages) of multiple lives.

Podcasts: If you like following things you can follow the URL below for a link to my podcasts.