Quote of The Week

"Nothing is enough to the man for whom enough is too little."




Topics of the Week

The Featured Essay: “In Praise of Suburbia” explains why our American suburbs are the next best thing to paradise.

Writing Life: “The Bottomless Well of Ideas” suggests that a shortage of ideas can be cured by a small behavioral change.

Two (almost) New Books

Not Quite a Stranger: Essays on Life in France is a collection of more or less humorous pieces recording my many visits to that beautiful and baffling country over a period of fifty years.

Lucky Man is the non-memoir that replaced the memoir I had originally intended to write, and am writing now. Various fragments of my life – mostly essays and miscellaneous non-fiction – had been accumulating like Radon gas in the basement for many decades. These I arranged into thematic sections on learning, teaching, working, travelling and so on, in a kind of biographical tapas that the curious reader can dip into at any point, according to taste.

Forthcoming from Permanent Press: another and different memoir, An Unexpected Life.

More details at Amazon.com and on the Books and Audio page of this site.


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